Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal Notice

General legal information, trademark and copyright

All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics, sound, video and animation files, as well as their arrangements, are subject to copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. They may not be copied for commercial purposes or for distribution, nor may they be changed or used on other websites.


Eva- Excelsior Solutions Pvt Ltd., makes the information available without any assurance or guarantee of any kind, be it express or tacit. Also excluded are all implied warranties regarding the marketability, the suitability for certain purposes or the non-violation of laws and patents. Even if we assume that the information we provide is correct, it can still contain errors or inaccuracies.


You leave Eva-Excelsior’s website through hyperlinks on its website. Since these linked websites are not under the control of Eva-Excelsior Solutions Pvt Ltd., it assumes no responsibility for the content of linked pages, hyperlinks in such linked pages or changes or updates to these pages. It only provides these hyperlinks to facilitate the use of this website. The use of a hyperlink on websites does not mean that it approves the content of the linked page or makes its content its own.

License rights

We ask for your understanding that Eve-Excelsior Solutions Pvt. Ltd., must protect its intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyrights, and that this website cannot grant any license rights to Eva- Excelsior Solutions Pvt. Ltd’s intellectual property.

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